OK so a week gone with testing and geekery after a very exciting and successful launch of the Model B+, it is fair to say we were all taken aback. But as always with a  product launch there are Gremlins hiding in the Attic – and some of us were experiencing problems with unexpected shutdown, no wake up from sleep and USB connection issues. Well fear not as the ‘community spirit’ kicked in and the twitterverse soon lit up with links to potential fixes and debates as to what could be the issue(s). ThePizone was quickly out to highlight efforts made by Alex from Raspi.TV and many good people on Raspberry Pi forum to ‘kill the bug’. Please follow there individual links for detailed descriptions of the issues and solutions, but here is the  fix condensed in to 5 easy pieces: If you did what I did and in excitement simply copied / duped your exciting SD card from Model B – you MUST follow these steps.

First download replacement boot code here (bootcode.bin) and place on desktop;
do NOT unzip or modify.

Insert the SD Card (micro) you booted your Raspberry Model B+ into your card reader and open the ‘boot disk’ or partition and locate and REPLACE  ‘bootcode.bin’ with the one you just downloaded .
Eject card safely and insert in to SD Card slot on your PiB+.

Boot up your Pi, log on as normal and BEFORE going in to GUI (starts) or desktop type in the following command:

sudo rpi-udate

hit return & answer yes to questions about using additional space/upgrade -now go and make a cup of tea – it might take a few minutes. With tea and biscuit at the ready type:

sudo reboot

you will now have activated the new bootrom , log in as normal – again BEFORE loading GUI and desktop lets check firmware version, do :

uname -a

if you see the string ‘Linux raspberry 3.12.24+‘ you have done the right thing and your B+ is ready for some turbocharged geekery.


You should of course always stay on top of all officially released builds and updates with the 2 staple commands:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

I mean – kids raised by wolves know that . . .


About jarjartee

Teacher, Geek and Code Evangelist. Spreading the joy of programming, robotics and hacking. STEM ambassador. RaspberryPi Instructor.

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