I was fortunate to do some work with Young Rewired State on Thursday (very short notice  :/ ) and I have to say that the talent and enthusiasm for code and programming has been a very uplifting experience.

So the event held at the LNK centre in Centrale  – Croydon was focused on the Festival of Code and we saw a broad spectrum from Scratch coding to HTML webauthoring – and of course Karaoke 😛

As mentioned I came in late to the program, the young coders had been given a brief of developing a  website with unique and original content using a variety of programming skills. The ‘Crew’ was set a brief to make a portal or website called ‘Know Your Area’ where by typing in your postcode the website automatically displays statistics and data about the area you live in. The information range from local schools, shopping & business – also crime statistics. This was supplemented by a  Quiz and a Prezi presentation all embedded in the website – clever stuff.

Tom and Rory are the definite Code ninjas - respect !!

Tom and Rory are the definite Code ninjas – respect !!

The enthusiasm and dedication to the task was infectious and very impressive, this was clearly not a ‘chore’ that had to be endured.

Miles is creating animations.

Miles is creating animations.

All files and code had to be uploaded to github; including creating repo from scratch and converting files. The skills acquired through the days will set up the youngsters with a great competence ion coding and programming.

Margaret and Declan uploading code to Git

Margaret and Declan uploading code to Git

Collaboration was evident in any aspect of the project – great spirit !!

Marley & Miles have been working on HTML & Scratch

Marley & Miles was working on HTML & Scratch

It think its fair to say that Tom was the ‘performer’ in the goup -this to much amusement at times;  I mean coding is meant to be FUN !! ( I was barred from uploading Youtube clips of his performance 😜)

Tom performing 'code'   :P

Tom performing ‘code’ 😛

Things are coming together in the 11th hour , nothing like the smell of panic in the air  . . .

Tom , Rory and William working on the details of the main website.

Tom , Rory and William working on the details of the main website.

And here is what the  finished website looks like, very professional – great design and colour scheme:

Know Your Place Beta

Know Your Place Beta

FOC is hosted by i-DAT and University of Plymouth and I am very sorry to have to miss the Grand Finale but why not have a look at some of the 180 great projects and talented coders and designers taking part in Festival of Code 2014.


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