An exciting development is the addition of the slow motion video mode enabling the recording of clips at 90fps, we’ll need to update the firmware on the Raspberry Pi first: Open up LX Terminal and type this code in;

sudo rpi-update

Do a test pointing your camera towards a fast moving object, bouncing ball or a propeller/fan.

raspivid -w 640 -h 480 -fps 90 -t 10000 -o test90fps.h264

This will record a 10 sec video clip in slow motion (90fps) named test90fps.h264, again we can play it back using omx player

omxplayer test90fps.h264

Congratulations , you should now have your first Raspi Cam slow motion video playing on your screen.


You now have 3 exciting new ways of using your Raspberry Pi under your belt – go experiment fellow gadgeteer !


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