So how can  control your Raspberry Pi remotely via SSH or using VNC ? And why would you want to do it ?

Well it means that you can program, code or hack your Pi without an additional screen from the comfort of your desktop or your laptop.

To enable SSH on your Pi – first launch LX Terminal and type in the following code:

sudo raspi-config

scroll down to SSH



select enable


You should now reboot, we’ll cover SSH clients  separately according to what platform you use.


To use a VNC client you need to install TightVNC on your Raspberry Pi, the easiest way is to use this installer tried and tested by cympley .

Open LX Terminal after you have logged in and type the following code in;

wget -O

It is ‘good practise’ to do the following update commands after a software install:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

this updates operating system and any sources to latest releases.

Launch VNC by typing the following command in and reboot;

sudo bash

you will be asked to set up and verify password – ignore the ‘view only’ passwordfinally;

sudo reboot

We’er now ready to use VNC  and SSH from a  PC , Linux Desktop, Mac or tablet.


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